Flights to Socotra

Fancy a holiday to Socotra? The good news is that the regular weekly flights between Abu Dhabi and Socotra are set to continue for the foreseeable future. This allows people to easily spend a week on the magical, unique island of Socotra, the “Galapagos of the Middle East”!

Socotra’s biodiversity makes it a UNESCO world heritage site and it has unrivalled opportunities for swimming, scuba diving and hiking holidays. The island’s isolated position in the Arabian Sea makes it a unique habitat with an extraordinary richness of flora and fauna. In the interior the Dixsam plateau and Homhil boast frankincense and dragons blood trees, and those wanting to bird watch or hike can find vultures, buzzards and flamingos. On top of that, the landscape and scenery are unmatched. Aher Beach boasts golden dunes and blue waves, and scuba divers will find sea turtles and other creatures in waters as rich in life as the land. Staying in a hotel and making day trips it is possible to see much of the island. An alternative is to camp in a different spot every night, a proper adventure holiday in the tradition of the Bedouin of the island.

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