Untamed Borders can supply some general information in regards to insurance.  It’s a legal requirement that all of our guests travel with at least basic medical and insurance. Some of the most popular providers with our guests are Battleface, Global Rescue, Global Underwriters and High Risk Voyager.

Before taking out a policy for any of our trips consider the following points and terms:

    • Government Travel Warnings. Does your government, or the government of the company that is insuring you, have a travel warning against the region you wish to be insured for? If so, check if your insurer has a clause about this. Most (but not all) insurers will not cover you when you travel to regions with travel warnings against them.
    • Rescue. What does the policy cover and what do you need them to cover? Medical cover is always a key point. If you are in a remote area will they be able to assist in getting you to medical treatment?
    • Your country of residence. Some insurers only cover people resident in certain countries. Ensure the insurer know where you are from when you take out a policy.
    • War & Terrorism cover. Do you need “War & Terrorism” insurance? Policies usually have a clause that does not cover delays or injury due to war or terrorism. They’ll still cover you in the case of accident or illness but not if it is due to the result of war or terrorism. The cost of this cover is much higher than other policies.
    • KRE cover. Do you need kidnap, ransom and extortion (KRE) coverage? KRE coverage is some of the highest costing personal insurance coverage you can get. Do you need it?
    • Outdoor activity cover. Does your policy cover the activity you are going to be doing? You can spend a fortune on a kidnap policy that doesn’t cover you when you fall off a horse.

Untamed Borders Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) of Voyager Insurance Services Ltd. who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Firm Reference Number 305814. By clicking this High Risk Voyager link, you will be directed to a website operated and managed by Voyager Insurance Services.

Untamed Borders Limited is also an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) of Battleface, Global Rescue and Global Underwriters.

Help the Tourists! Somalia


Kam, Scat, Jubba, Daallo, Somon, S7, Vim. If these names mean anything to you then you are probably a plane spotter or have a very interesting job. Arranging flights to the countries we visit is sometimes easy and sometimes involves unusual and less well-known airlines. As our guests often fly in from different countries we do not include international flights as part of our trip costs. Contact us and we will suggest the best routes and operators for each trip.



Visa requirements vary for each trip. The visas required are listed on each itinerary. Contact the embassy of that country or us for exact requirements.