Overlooking the Gulf of Aden, Djibouti’s landscape is divided by mountain ranges to the north, volcanic plateaus and coastal plains of the central and southern regions blending around vast regions of uninhabited non-arable land. Uniquely the country also is home to Lake Assal, Africa’s lowest point at 157m below sea level, and also the second most saline lake in the world – the first one being in Antarctica.


Lake Assal DjiboutiThe saline crater lake of Assal marks the lowest point on the African continent and the second-lowest land depression in the world after the Dead Sea. Uniquely the lake is also the most saline lake outside of Antarctica, the first one being Don Juan Pond in Antarctica. Given this record, it’s no surprise that Assal also holds the world’s largest reserve of salt. Equally as interesting in Lake Abhe Bad near the Ethiopian border where one can experience the Afar culture, witness the smoking limestone chimney vents and spot flamingos.


Djibouti cityContaining 70% of the country’s population, Djibouti is the city which gives its name to the country. Things to do here include a visit to the fishing ports around the Gulf of Tadjoura, the People’s Palace on Boulevard Bounhour, Siesta Beach and Al Sada Mosque.


E-visa for most nationalities. No visa necessary for Chinese and Singaporean citizens.


Equatorial – more or less same all year round. Subtropical climate


For up to date exchange rates please have a look at www.xe.com


Two prong European style system (type C and E).


Internet is not very good in Djibouti. Most accommodation will offer wifi, but it will not be of a good speed


Strong middle eastern combined with Indian influence in the cuisine. Staple dishes such as injera similar to Ethiopia.


Alcohol is permitted and is widely available


French and Arabic


State religion is Islam. Majority Sunni Muslim, small minority of Christians.


Conservative. Recommended to wear loose fitting clothing and refrain from showing too much flesh


The FCO considers most of Djibouti to be a low risk region to travel. The exception is the Eritrean border due to political tensions between the countries. Contact us for information on how we work to minimise risk for our guests and staff.


Welcome to Djibouti by Rachel Pieh Jones

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