Sitting on the horn of Africa, Somalia is a link between the Arab world and the African yet with a flavour all of its own. Essentially the country is divided into three autonomous regions Somaliland, Puntland and Somalia. Isolated for two decades due to the severe instability in the region we can now take small groups to many parts of Somaliland and to the capital of Somalia – Mogadishu. As well as offering a unique experience, Somalia presents unique dangers. Contact us for details on how we make sure you have a memorable trip for all the right reasons.


In 2011 the African Union army liberated Mogadishu from the Al Shabab Islamist forces. Since then development and some security has slowly trickled into the city and we now can take our guests to most parts of the Somali capital. We can show you the markets – especially the atmospheric fish market, the harbour, the beaches and the crumbling Italian colonial waterfront.

We use the same services that journalists from major news organisations receive when they are in the city so if you wish to research or document any particular aspect of the city then let us know and we’ll tailor a trip to your requirements.


Kismayo. Situated in the far south of the country close to the Kenyan border, Kismayo is the capital of Jubbaland, the lushest region of Somalia, and a semi-autonomous region of Somalia. The city is situated where the Jubba river empties into the Indian Ocean and no trip to Kismayo should miss a visit to Goobweyn Junction. A beautiful spot which attracts a great variety of birdlife.

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LOI provided by UTB in order to obtain visa on arrival.


Tropical – more or less same temperature all year round. Hot and humid.


Best to take cash in US dollars.  US dollars can be spent, no need to  exchange to local currency. For up to date exchange rates please have a look at


Two prong European style system (type C).


Most guesthouses and hotels have adequate Wifi. In cities 3G works well.


Coastal geography means fish is eaten in abundance. Camel meat is also common. Millet and corn used in many dishes, including in a pancake similar to injera common in Ethiopia. Dishes are often spiced.


Alcohol is illegal in Somalia.


Somali. Arabic and English are also widely spoken.


Islam. Sunni majority.


Long trousers (cargo pants) or loose jeans are recommended for men. Long skirts and/or loose cargo pants for women plus a long sleeved top that covers the bum and hides the shape of the body are recommended for women. Women should also where a headscarf when outside the guesthouse.

If you wish to swim in the ocean whilst in Mogadishu we suggest bringing knee length shorts and a spare t-shirt for men and long trousers and shirt for women. Figure hugging swimsuits will not be appreciated.


The FCO Advises against travel to Somalia. This is due to anti-government forces operating in the country, government instability and the risk of opportunist violent attacks. We avoid travelling in much of the region and take precautions in the areas we do travel. Contact us for information on where we do and do not guide in this region and how we work to minimise risk for our guests and staff


The Mayor of Mogadishu – Andrew Harding

Getting Somalia Wrong – Mary Harper

The World’s Most Dangerous Place – James Fergusson

Crossbones – Nuruddin Farah

The Orchard of Lost Souls – Nadifa Mohamed

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    Mogadishu Add On


    Explore the city of Mogadishu with an experienced English speaking Somali guide/translator and a four-man security detail.

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    Runner at Somaliland Marathon 2019

      Somaliland Marathon


      This package offers travel and entrance to the Somaliland Marathon, which takes place in Hargeisa, Somaliland’s capital. Contact us for more details about the 2024 package.

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      Mogadishu Marathon

        Mogadishu Marathon


        This package offers travel and entrance to the 2024 Mogadishu Marathon. Contact us for more details about the 2024 package.  

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