Iraq - Arch of Ctesaphon

    Iraq – Cradle of Civilisation


    The trip begins in Baghdad and visits ancient Sumerian and Babylonian sites, as well as medieval souks, UNESCO-recognised minarets, Shia Islam’s two holiest sites, and a boat trip on the Shatt al-Arab. There is an add-on to Kurdistan available directly…

    from $3,600
    Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan

      Iraqi-Kurdistan add-on


      This 7-day trip explores the Northern area of Iraq, Kurdistan, taking in the cultural, geographical and historical highlights as well as getting a greater understanding of life in this semi-autonomous region of Iraq. **Please note this trip is only available…

      from $2,100
      Madain Saleh, Saudi Arabia

        Saudi Arabia


        Explore the history and culture of Saudi Arabia with experienced guides, taking in the sights and sounds of Jeddah, Abha, Riyadh and Al Ula. Witness ancient architecture, museums, local arts and crafts, mountain peaks and abandoned villages set into cliff…

        Ski Iraq

          Ski Iraq


          A country more associated with deserts has some vast mountainous terrain in the northern semi-autonomous Kurdistan region which we will explore with a qualified international ski guide. Using the experience the Untamed Borders team has of guiding and climbing in…

          from $2,500
          Masmak Fort Riyadh

            Riyadh Marathon


            This package offers travel and entrance to the Riyadh marathon in Saudi Arabia. If you want to extend your trip in Saudi, check out our Empty Quarter add-on. Contact us for more details about the 2021 package.

            from $1,075
            Afghan Ski Challenge

              Afghan Ski Challenge


              Untamed Borders was the first company to run ski trips to Afghanistan in 2011. 2021 will be our 11th season running ski trips to Afghanistan, and we have again been asked by the organisers of the Afghan Ski Challenge to…

              from $2,000
              Afghanistan in Spring

                Afghanistan in 7 Days


                A 7-day trip through the best bits of Afghanistan. We start by exploring the capital, Kabul, before flying to Mazar e Sharif to see the blue-tiled shrine of Hazrat Ali and the remains of the once great Silk Road City…

                from $1,975
                Band e Amir - Credit Elke Allenstein

                  Afghanistan In 8 Days


                  An 8-day trip following on from our first Afghanistan in 7 Days trip. We start in the capital, Kabul, before flying to Bamian, one of the most peaceful places in Afghanistan to see the ancient Buddha niches and the Lapis…

                  from $2,450
                  Lake Attabad Pakistan

                    Hindu Kush & Karakorum Pakistan


                    A 14-day road trip through the awe-inspiring Karakorum and Hindu Kush mountain ranges of Northern Pakistan. These mountains contain a kaleidoscope of people as well as some of the earth's most incredible scenery.

                    from $2,950