Untamed Borders is an adventure travel company providing unparalleled access to some of the world’s most interesting and inaccessible places. We specialise in trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Middle East, East Africa, former Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus, but also arrange bespoke trips to other off-the-beaten track destinations.


Untamed Borders was founded in 2008 following a meeting in the mountains of Afghanistan between two intrepid travel guides, Kausar Hussain and James Willcox. Both Kausar and James shared a desire to enable other people to experience the beauty and wonder of Pakistan and Afghanistan, lands that are often described as dangerous and inhospitable. This shared desire and a lot of hard work quickly laid the foundations for what Untamed Borders is today.


Untamed Borders uses specialist local guides throughout, whose aim is to provide authentic and original experiences for all our guests. We can introduce you to the people of the areas we visit because they are our friends. We speak the languages and know the history because it is our history and we want to share it with the rest of the world. We believe that peace and understanding on a world scale can only come when people of different cultures meet and interact.


Our aim is to add positive benefit to the areas we visit. We ensure that, whenever possible, the money we spend goes directly to the people of that region by staying in locally run hotels and using local drivers and supplies. Our business cards are printed in the bazaars of Peshawar and this website was designed in Himachal Pradesh. Small scale tourism might not change the world but every path starts with a single step.


There will be a maximum of 12 people on any trip we arrange. Some trips have less. This small number allows for greater security, flexibility and access to local people and places. Each set itinerary trip is individually designed to coincide with local events or to visit the area at the best time of year. In addition to our fixed itineraries, we can arrange all kinds of bespoke trips – this was after all how we started. We are happy to give advice to anyone considering visiting these areas. Please don’t be shy, just get in touch! Please join us on one of our small group itineraries or contact us to arrange a bespoke adventure.


Kausar Hussain Founder of Untamed BordersKAUSAR HUSSAIN – FOUNDER

Born in Peshawar, Kausar has travelled every inch of Pakistan and Afghanistan and has friends almost everywhere. From the bustling bazaars of Kabul to sleepy villages in the Tribal Areas. When not leading tours and running Untamed Borders, Kausar works as a photographer and journalist. For over 15 years he has worked with foreign correspondents allowing them access to restricted areas in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kausar speaks 9 languages and has given countless visitors safe and unparalleled access to the people and places of these remarkable regions.


James’ first travel memory is a donkey ride on Skegness Beach. Over thirty years later James has travelled extensively throughout Central Asia. the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. James has guided hundreds of people in hard-to-reach destinations. He is one of the founders of the Marathon of Afghanistan, the Somaliland Marathon and the Iraq Ski Rally. He sits on the board of the organisation Free to Run and has been awarded a personal commendation from the Afghan government and a medal from the Afghan Olympic Committee for his efforts in promoting tourism and sport in Afghanistan.
He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


Kate has been working in adventure travel for over a decade, and during that time has travelled across five continents to some of the world’s most adventurous places. With years of sales experience, Kate is an expert when it comes to putting together your perfect itinerary and will be your first point of contact when booking your trip. Kate can chat you through anything from private trip ideas, flights, visas or any of our group itineraries.


After first visiting India age 16, Elise developed a love for travel and adventure. Elise’s recent travels have taken her surfing in Sri Lanka, trekking in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and cycling around the entire island of Cuba. Elise has spent the last two years following in the footsteps of histories forgotten female explorers, (with no modern equipment!) a journey which has taken her from the remote peaks of the Scottish Highlands to the basecamp of the world’s third highest mountain, deep in the Indian Himalaya. Elise looks after our PR and marketing, for press enquiries please contact: elise@untamedborders.com

Ana Tasic - guide for Untamed BordersANA  TASIC

Ana was born in Maribor, Slovenia, and learned to ski at the age of three. Since her first trip to West Africa a decade ago (when she accidentally illegally crossed the border from Burkina Faso to Ghana) she has lived and worked mostly as a ski coach and guide in alternative countries to the popular destinations of Canada to Australia.  She has certainly learned a thing or two about foreign lands. Later she fell in love with the Middle East and swapped hiking up snowy peaks to going down rocky wadis.

Ana has recently spent most of her time in Ramallah in Palestine, working on sports programmes for women in refugee camps. When she gets tired of living under occupation she guides trips for Untamed Borders to Afghanistan and Kurdistan.


Ade is an experienced expedition leader, mountain guide, trekking guide and a keen photographer. Originally from Wales, he’s now based in Sydney, Australia. Ade spends his life leading trekking and climbing expeditions in the most remote and far-flung regions on the globe.

Ade has climbed, trekked and travelled on all seven continents. His passion is to develop new trekking routes in countries like Nepal and Mongolia. When not working Ade enjoys everything Australia has to offer, including canyoning, sea kayaking and the Sydney lifestyle. Ade is responsible for leading our trips to the Wakhan, which he has been to countless times over a number of years.


Carly was born in Wales and grew up in the RAF, always moving around and gaining new experiences. Carly found work as a tour leader in Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and lived in Aleppo for a few years, learning Arabic and immersing herself in the Syrian way of life. Guiding through Europe in the Summer’s after the war broke out, saving money and travelling on a shoestring. Walking across Goa, cycling around Morocco,  hiking the Annapurna in Winter, apparently the first person to take a donkey into the Baharia desert in Egypt,  driving across Canada and the States living in a tiny fiesta and living in a camper in the UK. She has a passion for the Middle East and Central Asia, hiking and camping in Mountains and deserts, in her bivvy bag and now guides tours back to Syria and Iraq.


Moritz is an old friend of Untamed Borders and a very experienced trekking guide. There are few people alive who know more about the trekking routes of northern Pakistan. As well as guiding treks 11 times to K2 base camp, he has rebuilt schools in Indus Kohistan after the 2005 earthquake, written a guide book and countless articles. The treks he guides are to his favourite places, offering some of the world’s most incredible scenery and experiences.


Jan was born in a village ten metres below sea level in the Netherlands. He had never seen a mountain until he was 16. Since then he has spent a life exploring remote mountain ranges over six continents. He has published several articles and photographs of his expeditions in Iraqi Kurdistan, Tajikistan and the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and is the author of Trekking in Tajikistan, the first guide book to trekking in that region. Jan gets to put all his passion and mountain experience in designing and coordinating our expeditions. Helping travellers to visit some of the most stunning and rarely visited places on our planet.

Upcoming Trips

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Trekking Tajikistan: Pamir Mountain Lakes

    Trekking Tajikistan: Pamir Mountain Lakes


    We will be traversing through the heart of the mountain range. Along the way, we will stay in the homes of the Pamiri natives, camp near centuries old caravanserais and explore the shores of shimmering blue Alpine lakes.

    from $2,750
    Runner at Somaliland Marathon 2019

      Somaliland Marathon


      This package offers travel and entrance to the Somaliland Marathon, which takes place in Hargeisa, Somaliland’s capital. Contact us for the dates and full itinerary of the 2022 package.

      from $1,450
      South Sudan

        South Sudan


        Experience the complex diversity of the world's youngest country through an immersive 8-day journey into South Sudanese culture. Contact us for further details about our trip in March 2023

        from $4,950
        Lake Attabad Pakistan

          Hindu Kush & Karakorum Pakistan


          A 14-day road trip through the awe-inspiring Karakorum and Hindu Kush mountain ranges of Northern Pakistan. These mountains contain a kaleidoscope of people as well as some of the earth's most incredible scenery.

          from $2,950