Upcoming Trips

Iraq - Arch of Ctesaphon
9 Days

Iraq – Cradle of Civilisation

The trip begins in Baghdad and visits ancient Sumerian and Babylonian sites, as well as medieval souks, UNESCO-recognised minarets, Shia Islam’s two holiest sites, and a boat trip on the…

Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan
7 Days

Iraqi-Kurdistan add-on

This 7-day trip explores the Northern area of Iraq, Kurdistan, taking in the cultural, geographical and historical highlights as well as getting a greater understanding of life in this semi-autonomous…

Omo Valley, Ethiopia
10 Days

Horn of Africa – NEW Itinerary

Explore the wilder parts of Ethiopia plus Somaliland. You will visit some of Africa's oldest and most diverse tribes, feed the wild hyenas of Harar and experience one of the…

3 days

Mogadishu Add On

Explore the city of Mogadishu with an experienced English speaking Somali guide/translator and a four-man security detail.

Erbil Marathon
6 Days

Erbil Marathon

This package offers travel and entrance to the Erbil Marathon 2021. There are three distances (5km, 10km and full marathon) so even if you are not a strong runner you…

Yemen Fixed Date Trip


A 6-day trip to visit the sights of mainland Yemen. You will be guided by experienced local guides and an international guide. The trip starts in Salalah, Oman and ends…