Women Rockin’ Pamirs: Tajikistan’s First Female Trekking Guides

This week, ahead of International Women’s Day on Sunday, we will be sharing stories and introducing you to some of the inspiring women and girls Untamed Borders are lucky enough to work alongside around the world.

Today we want you to meet Women Rockin’ Pamirs, the first female trekking guides in Tajikistan!

Women Rockin’ Pamirs encourages Tajik women to appreciate the mountains, organising activities which enable them to become aware of their own potential, whilst at the same time, training them to become mountain guides. This initiative is as much about empowering Tajik women, as it is about transmitting the values of environmental preservation and sharing a passion for the mountains and being outdoors.

The long-term goal of Women Rockin Pamirs is to recognise and increase the presence of Tajik women in the workforce. Through its actions, the organisation hopes to create new opportunities for women, allowing their talents to flourish and enabling them to discover their own capacities in areas that may have previously seemed unattainable to them.

Tajikistan Female Trekking GuidesTrekking in the rugged but beautiful terrain of the Pamir mountains, with challenges like distance, altitude, and the responsibility of guiding a group, improves confidence and decision-making skills. The mountain guide courses prepare women for leadership, and afterwards they are, of course, free to choose their profession and to invest these skills in areas that are important to them.

Untamed Borders have been supporting the Women Rockin’ Pamirs initiative since it was first created. If you join us on our Trekking in Tajikistan trip, you will always be accompanied by some of these incredible female guides in training.

For more information on Women Rockin’ Pamirs, visit their website here.

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