We Team Up With LifeStraw

To help reduce plastic waste, Untamed Borders have launched a new water bottleĀ initiative, offering guests the option of a free Lifestraw filter bottle when booking on any fixed date group trip.

Lifestraw bottles can be filled up from any water source, dramatically reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles while travelling. With most Untamed Borders itineraries visiting communities that do not always have access to good recycling, and with little option for clean, safe water, but to buy multiple plastic bottles, we realised the importance to come up with a solution to dramatically reduce our single-use plastic consumption.

By the end of 2021 Untamed Borders hope to have saved over 4000 plastic bottles from entering the environment by this one small change. Lifestraw also commits to providing a child in need with clean water for a year, with each bottle purchased.