We are guiding again!

We are so excited to report that after a six-month break due to Covid we have started guiding again.

Our first trip took place earlier this month to Kandahar in Afghanistan.
That’s right. No pivoting to holidays in Spain or Bournemouth for us.

We took a small group to Afghanistan’s second city and old capital.
There they visited the bazaar, famous for the sale of Kandahri skull caps and Chehel Zina which means “forty steps” that lead to an outcrop overlooking the city with greek inscriptions dating back to 3rd Century B.C. The small group also visited the shrine of Mirwais Hotak, the Ahmed Shah Durrani Tomb and Shrine of the cloak of the prophet. They finished the trip off with some of our favourite spots in Kabul before flying home.

More Afghan, Pakistan, Iraqi and Somalia trips are happening right now so contact us if you want to get away this Autumn…..