Travel to Algeria is Back!

Travel to Algeria is back on the map and now possible again! With mandatory quarantine on arrival in Algeria now lifted, our ‘Into the Heart of the Sahara’ trip is live and ready to book!

Our trip to Algeria is in two parts. You can book either part, or the whole trip:

The first part (from 30th Jan – 7th Feb 2022) is in the very far south of Algeria. This is ten days visiting the orange sands and black rock of the Tadrat Rouge mountain range tucked up in the South East, on the borders of Libya and Niger. We then traverse the length of the Tassili N’Ajjer national park, visiting ancient rock paintings on the way.

The second part (from 4th Feb – 16th Feb 2022) sees us drive between Ghardaia and Timimoun – two of the great desert towns of the Berber and Tuareg people. Experience life on the edge of the great sand sea.

Algeria receives very few visitors and fewer still venture so far south. This trip is a step into a landscape and people that are on the doorstep of Europe but feels like a journey back into an older time and place.

Flights to Algeria are back up and running, so it is now possible to go and visit this beautiful country. For more information on Algeria flights or Algeria holiday itineraries contact us on