Riyadh Marathon 2022

Running Adventures 2022: The Riyadh Marathon

For those of you into running adventures, don’t miss the first ever official marathon in Saudi Arabia – the Riyadh Marathon taking place in March 2022!

The marathon will see runners take on the challenge of the 42-kilometer full marathon course starting from King Saud University and continuing through the city of Riyadh, enabling participants to explore the attractions of the Saudi capital city. In addition to the full course, multiple races will be on offer to allow people of all ages, gender, and athletic abilities to participate. There will be a half marathon (21.1 kilometers) for avid runners, a 10-kilometer race for those aged 17 and above, and a 4-kilometer race for beginners and children from all members of society. 

As well as taking part in the race of your choice, our itinerary also includes a full guided day visiting the main sights of Riyadh. This will include Masmak fort (one of the most important monuments in the city of Riyadh, the fort was captured by the Saud family in 1902, the start of the Saud family rule of the region) as well as a visit to the National Museum, composed of eight galleries telling the complete story of Arabian history. We will also visit the Al Zal souk and the 99 story Kingdom centre for views over Riyadh.

If you would like more information on the trip and how you can join us, please email us at info@untamedborders.com