Marathon of Afghanistan

Join the Virtual Marathon of Afghanistan

A global event to support Afghans who ran or helped make the marathon possible, and to support wider humanitarian work.

As most of you know, Untamed Borders were heavily involved in organising the Marathon of Afghanistan. The recent change of regime has affected Afghans from all walks of life including those who we worked closely alongside at this event. Some had to leave Afghanistan, others are in places we can’t make public, but many are still in their home country, trying to find work and understand a new life under the regime.

During the week of 21-28 January 2022, we would love you to join us and others around the world to walk, run or cycle 5k, 10k, 21k or even 42k. Our aim is to raise funds to help the Afghans who were involved in organising the race from 2015-2020, to support them through the current crisis wherever they are.

Full information on how to take part can be found here.