Price increases post Brexit

Last month the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. Whether this is a wise decision in the long run or not is up for debate. However, in the short term, the value of the pound has fallen significantly against all major currencies including the Dollar and the Euro.

As a company we charge our guests in Pounds Sterling and pay for the services in currencies that are usually linked to the Dollar or the Euro. As such the cost of running our trips has gone up significantly. At the end of July we will be increasing the costs of the fixed date trips listed on the website to account for this.

For guests based outside the UK this means that currently our trips are cheaper than they were a month ago and cheaper than they will be next month. If you book now it is a chance to gain from the current economic turmoil in the UK.
If you are based in the UK then it will mean that this is the last chance to get a deal before all holidays abroad become more expensive.

If you have already booked a place on one of our trip then you are unaffected by this.