New Pakistan E-Visa System

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan recently announced the implementation of a new online visa system. Currently, the new e-visa system is only accessible to nationals of five countries; the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China and Malaysia. There are plans for it to soon become available for a total of 175 countries.

The system makes applying for a Pakistani visa much more accessible to tourists. It enables visitors to see the beauty and many wonders the country holds. Just take a look at some photos from a recent trip we guided to Lahore and Peshawar in March 2019.

Not only are the cities bustling with activity but the Northern parts of Pakistan feature the three highest mountains ranges in the world. The Hindu Kush, The Karakorum and Himalaya.

We shall be running our Hindu Kush & Karakorum trip to Pakistan in September which includes visiting pagan tribes, precarious rope bridges and ancient wooden mosques all in the shadow of the worlds most spectacular scenery.

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