Mogadishu Marathon 2019

Earlier this year we arranged travel and logistics for two runners to compete in the Mogadishu Marathon. Runners from Somalia and other nations took part, you can see the photos from the 2019 event here. The vast majority of runners are based in Mogadishu. In fact, less than ten people have flown in for the event so far, with Untamed Borders arranging travel for two people to run in the 2019 Mogadishu Marathon.

The race is officially known as the Samia Yusuf Omar memorial run in honour of Samia Yusuf Omar, a female Somali Olympian who competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and tragically drowned while crossing the Mediterranean Sea in 2012. All proceeds from the race being donated to the Aamin Ambulance service

It was the first time that we arranged travel for runners to the race, but not the first time we have run trips to Mogadishu.

We shall again be offering a package to the Mogadishu Marathon in 2020.
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