Marathon of Afghanistan 2019

Marathon of Afghanistan

Untamed Borders founder James Willcox has recently received a medal for his work co-organising the Marathon of Afghanistan – Afghanistan’s only mixed-gender sporting event.

Organised by a small team of international and Afghan people, in collaboration with charity organisation Free to Run, the 10km and full marathon races were first set up to create a sporting event which would bring unity and normality for people in a country more associated with conflict and often divided on ethnic lines.

Taking place in the Bamian province in the central highlands of Afghanistan, the race starts at an altitude of 3000m. The region holds many places of interest such as the famous UNESCO Buddha niches, the “city of screams” – a fort once conquered by Genghis Khan in the 13th C, and Band-e Amir, Afghanistan’s first National Park. The Bamian province is recognised as one of the safest areas in the country and remains almost completely untouched by violence.

Each year Untamed Borders takes 20 international runners to join the event. If you would like to join us, please email