Marathon of Afghanistan

Responsible for co-organising the Marathon of Afghanistan, the country’s only mixed-gender sporting event.

Untamed Borders is proud to be the logistics and travel partner of the Marathon of Afghanistan, see below for a number of interesting links about this truly unique event.

  • To see the marathon of Afghanistan photo gallery on our Facebook page, click here.
  • The Guardian covered the marathon of Afghanistan in two articles, see here and here.
  • Also the Daily Mail did an article with lots of photographs, see here.
  • Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty produced a video on the marathon of Afghanistan and its participants, see here.
  • Five Afghan women completed the Marathon. One set the fastest ever time for an Afghan woman running a Marathon in Afghanistan. Another overcame some difficulties to complete the race. She was helped by a world-record-holding runner from Canada. Their story is told in this article.
  • A feature film is being made about the 2nd Marathon of Afghanistan (trailer can be found here).

We have been working for 13 years bringing tourists safely to Afghanistan as well as other parts of Central Asia, Pakistan, the Middle East, Russia and Africa. We guided over 25 groups to Afghanistan in 2019 and have a lot of on the ground experience in ensuring our guests have a memorable time for all the right reasons.