How to Travel to Yemen

Travel to Yemen

Mainland Yemen has a number of areas now open for travel. The main places of interest include the Sultans Palace in Al Mukallah, the Wadi Dawan full of date palms and small villages, the Wadi Hadramut and the fascinating ancient mud skyscrapers of Shibam.

Travellers can reach mainland Yemen by crossing the land border with Oman, or flying from Cairo to Seiyun on one of the three weekly flights. At Untamed Borders we are able to offer private and fixed date trips to Yemen.

Travel to Socotra Island

For travellers looking to continue on to visit Socotra there is a weekly Yemenia flight from Abu Dhabi or a flight via Seiyun from mainland Yemen.

Socotra is situated just off the coast from mainland Yemen. Known as the ‘Jewel of Arabia’ or the “Galapagos of the middle east”, its biodiversity lends itself to the UNESCO world heritage site due to the number of endemic plants on the island. There is plenty to see as well as lots of hiking, swimming, snorkelling and even scuba diving to see sea turtles and the abundant sea life. We suggest avoiding travel in June, July and August due to the storms that come across the Indian ocean at that time of year.

Note that a recent (less than 72 hours old) negative Covid PCR test is required to enter Oman or to travel to Yemen.