Waterfall in Central African Republic

How to Travel to Central African Republic

Central African Republic or C.A.R has some incredible highlights such as national parks and reserves dotted across the nation, including the famous Dzanga-Sangha National Park in the south-western corner of the country. Dzanga-Sangha’s biodiversity includes nearly 600 species of butterflies, forest elephants and lowland gorillas. This is really the only area of the country that has escaped the current civil war. As well as some splendid fauna and flora, it is home to the Bayaka Pygmy people and until recently the rather remarkable Louis Sarno.

We can assist you in planning a trip to Central African Republic, but due to the instability of the country we can arrange logistics mainly only for Bangui, the Capital of C.A.R and Dzanga-Sangha.
You can reach Bangui my plane, and Dzanga-Sangha can be accessed by private plane from Bangui or a 3-4 day overland drive from Cameroon.

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