How to get a visa for Afghanistan

Afghanistan has seen a rise in international tourists over recent years.

Many people are drawn to the stunningly beautiful scenery and the country’s immense amount of history – with the nation being situated at a crossroads of cultures and civilisations.

The Afghanistan visa process isn’t as straight forward as many other destinations, so understanding where to get an Afghanistan visa and the challenges in applying for one is important.

Untamed Borders has been running trips to Afghanistan since 2008 and know all the pitfalls you may face in trying to get an Afghanistan visa.

Join us as we explain everything you need to know about obtaining an Afghan visa…

Do I need a visa to travel to Afghanistan?

All foreign nationals who want to travel to Afghanistan must obtain an Afghan Tourist Visa prior to entering the country.
You will not be able to visit Afghanistan without a valid visa.


Where can you apply for an Afghanistan visa?

There are only a small number of locations around the world where you can apply for an Afghanistan visa – including Dubai and Peshawar in Pakistan.

Why is this?

At this moment in time, many governments don’t recognise the current Taliban government, which took over control of the country in 2022.
Many of the embassies around the world are run by the former Afghan government, so you are unable to get a valid visa to travel with.

Getting an Afghanistan visa isn’t as simple as turning up in your local Afghan embassy. Currently our guests get their visas en route to Afghanistan in either Dubai or Peshawar in Pakistan. Other options in neighbouring countries are available. Please contact us for more details.


What is the Afghanistan visa process?

The Afghan visa application must be submitted in person at an embassy or consulate, this no online visa process for Afghanistan.

To complete this you will require:

  • 2 x copies of your passport.
  • 3 x passport photos (but this is subject to change)
  • Payment (this varies from embassy to embassy – see below for further details. 

How long does the Afghanistan visa process take?

Once you have supplied your documentation to the staff at the embassy the Afghanistan tourist visa is usually issued on the same day.

There is an “Express” application option, which allows you to get the Afghan tourist visa on the same day – this is not the standard service, but Untamed Borders includes the faster application service in our trip costs and offers assistance with the application process.

It is also possible to complete the Afghanistan tourist visa application on your own, however, you must be aware that there are extra costs for same day processing.

Can I get a visa on arrival for Afghanistan?

There is no visa on arrival process for Afghanistan.

Anyone planning to travel to Afghanistan must go through the formal visa process, in one of the specific locations we have listed above.

Is there an e-visa for Afghanistan?

There is no e-visa system in place for Afghanistan.

Anyone planning to travel to Afghanistan must go through the formal visa process, in one of the specific locations we have listed above.

How much is an Afghanistan visa?

The price of an Afghan visa varies, depending on the location you apply:

  • In Pakistan the visa fee is currently US$100.
  • In Dubai an Afghan tourist visa usually costs between $300 and $500

This is a changing situation and we recommend speaking to a tour provider in Afghanistan, such as Untamed Borders, before applying and we can provide the latest updates.

Which nationalities can apply for an Afghanistan visa?

All nationalities can currently apply for an Afghan tourist visa, with the exception of Israel.

How long is an Afghanistan visa valid for?

An Afghanistan tourist visa is valid for 30 days from the day of issue.

Once I get to Afghanistan can I travel around as I want?

In addition to the Afghanistan tourist visa, visitors to the country also require a letter from the Tourist Office (part of the Ministry of Information and Culture) listing the provinces in which they will travel.

Your Afghan tour operator can arrange this (such as Untamed Borders).

In addition, in each province this document must be shown to the ministry in the provincial capital.

Can I bring a drone to Afghanistan?

Drones are not permitted in Afghanistan.

You can face serious punishment if you use a drone in the country.

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