How to get a Pakistan visa

Pakistan, is a beautiful and immensely charismatic country, with a rich diversity, both in terms of scenery and culture.

The South Asian nation stretches from the Arabian Sea, to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, and shares borders with India, Afghanistan, Iran and China.   

It boasts vibrant cities, incredible nature, a wild variety of ecosystems and the second tallest mountain on the planet, K2.

It’s home to remains of ancient civilisations, bucket loads of UNESCO recognised sites, beautiful food and has an array of fascinating traditions and a rich heritage.

It’s becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination and many people are wondering how to get a Pakistan visa? And asking us how easy is it to get a Pakistan visa?

We’ve put together this Pakistani visa guide, to make the process easier for you.

Let’s find out more about the Pakistan visa process…..

Which countries are eligible for a Pakistan visa?

191 nationalities can apply for a Pakistan visa through their electronic visa system. 

You can use this link to check on specific countries, which are able to travel to Pakistan. 

Do you need anything else to get a Pakistan visa?

Yes, to get a Pakistani visa you must also have a letter of invitation. This is a letter from a “sponsor” which indicates that they have invited you to Pakistan.

This sponsor can be anyone who has arranged services for a guest, such as your tour agency for Pakistan, including Untamed Borders.

This is a mandatory requirement on the Pakistan e-visa website and must be submitted as you complete the Pakistan online visa process.

What else do you need for the Pakistan e-visa application?

To complete the Pakistan online visa process, you will need to provide a copy of your passport and the agency license of the sponsor on your application form.

When in Pakistan it is the sponsor who is responsible for the guest.

If anything happens, it is the sponsor’s license that is on the line, so tour agencies, such as Untamed Borders, are very strict when it comes to issuing this important document.

This means that guests have to be with the Untamed Borders team from start to finish on the trip.

How long does it take for a Pakistan visa to be issued?

Officially, the Pakistan visa can take up to 10 working days to be processed.

However, in our experience the Pakistan visa process can sometimes vary between a few days and much longer.

How long before travelling should I apply for a Pakistan visa?

We recommend applying for a Pakistan visa around 8 weeks in advance of the departure date, to ensure enough time.

It is entirely at a traveller’s own risk if they decide to book under that time frame.

Are there any nationalities who can’t travel to Pakistan?

There isn’t any official information about barred nationalities for a Pakistan visa.

However, in our experience, anyone with Indian heritage may require additional documentation, contact us at Untamed Borders for more details –

Do Pakistan visas ever get rejected?

Pakistan visas rarely get rejected, without an expected reason.

Sometimes Pakistan visa applications come back with requests to supply more documents, such as the itinerary of your trip to Pakistan or a request for proof of a hotel reservation.

Untamed Borders will sort all this out for guests on a case-by-case basis.

In very rare circumstances, some people can be asked to visit their local embassy for interviews.

How much does a Pakistan tourist visa cost?

Tourist visas to Pakistan usually cost $50 (USD) for most nationalities.

How long does a Pakistan tourist visa last?

A Pakistan tourist visa is usually valid for a visit of up to 30 days (allowed within 90 days of the tourist visa being issued).


If you have any questions regarding the Pakistan visa process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Untamed Borders team on –