Full Time Job at Untamed Borders

We are looking for someone that is based in either the south of England or The Netherlands to help out with the workload of running Untamed Borders. We are a small organisation so the candidate will be involved with a bit of everything. We also hope they can also specialise in some areas where we are a little bit weak. It is expected that the candidate has some kind of travel, work or academical link to some of the regions where we work.

If the candidate is truly outstanding in certain areas then we might be willing to look at someone who does not fulfil some of the other categories or who is based outside of the southern England area or The Netherlands.

The job is a full time job working 5 days a week. We are looking for someone to join us for the long run and the role would develop and grow as the company does.

The role comes with a monthly payment plus some bonuses that allow you to continue your love of travel. This includes flight allowances.

If you are interested, please mail us at info@untamedborders.com.