Afghan trips from this summer plus trekking with Untamed Borders in 2015

In September we ran two very different fixed date itineraries to Afghanistan. The first was our annual cultural trip to Mazar e Sharif, Kabul, Bamian and Herat. As well as visiting some of the highlights of Afghanistan we spent time over long lunchs and cups of tea discussing the geo-political situation of the country. There were a few morning walks in and around Bamian but generally it was a fairly non strenuous trip (photos are here).  The other was a 22 day horse riding expedition into one of the most remote areas of Afghanistan – the Afghan Pamir. Snow storms and impromptu Yak riding days were all part and parcel of this step into the wild (photos here).

If the Afghan Wakhan trek looks good then consider joining us for our 2015 version or the epic Biafo-Hispar trek in Pakistan’s Karakorum mountains (see snaps from previous trips)