Paddling in Kyrgyzstan

    Unseen Kyrgyzstan

    Cultural, Trekking

    Kyrgyzstan, an offbeat destination renowned for its trekking and horse riding, is an ideal place to discover nomadic culture at a grassroots level. There are plenty of rarely-visited locales to…

    from $2,950
    Visit the Wakhan Corridor with Untamed Borders

      Trek The Wakhan


      In 2023 we will be heading back to one of world's most remote corners. A 22-day journey to visit the land of one of the world's last and least visited…

      from $4,500

        Afghanistan In 9 Days


        A 9 day trip to the highlights of Afghanistan and a great introduction to the country. Explore places like Bamian, the ancient city of Balkh and the new city of…

        from $2,850

          Afghanistan Central Route


          An immersive 15 days exploration of Central and Southern Afghanistan. This 2000km road trip gives the visitor an insight into both the rural life of the Central highlands of Afghanistan…

          from $4,500