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A big part of our time is spent organising customised trips for individuals, couples and groups. From 24-hour city breaks and six-week long expeditions, to festival tours and ancestral searches, no request is too big or small. Below, you’ll see a small selection of the custom trips we have arranged over the years. Got a personal journey in mind? Get in touch.

48 hours in Mogadishu, Somalia

This is one of our most sought-after itineraries, which we’ve hosted for hundreds of guests. You’ll be in the safest hands possible for visiting the troubled yet captivating capital city of Somalia. We know how to get the best from the city in 48 hours, with the strictest security protocols in place. We can organise trips in other areas of Somalia on request.

Please get in touch if you would like further details about organising a private trip to Mogadishu.

Wendy Arbeit Testimonial

Mountain Biking in the Danakil Depression

In 2017 we assisted with the first ever mountain bike crossing of the Danakil depression in Ethiopia for the WOAM (Women on a Mission) team. They wanted something to push them out of their comfort zone and boy did they get it.

They’ve embarked on many projects and expeditions around the world, ranging from Siberia, Iran, Bhutan, Mongolia and more, but their journey across the Danakil was their toughest to date seeing them cover 200km over 6 days, with temperatures up to 50℃. You can read more about WOAM’s remarkable work and the fundraising they do at

Iraqi Kurdistan

Not all custom trips are world firsts. The majority are from travellers who for one reason or another, group travel does not suit them.

Robin wanted a week-long trip in Iraqi Kurdistan. We discussed what he liked to do and his style of travel, created an itinerary, and sent him off with one of our local guides. His experience can be read on his blog.

K2 Base Camp by Helicopter

Getting to K2 base camp usually takes a three-week round trip from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. We had two guests that simply did not have the time for that. It was a case of if the mountain won’t come to Mohamed, then contact the Pakistan army and fly to the base camp of the world’s second highest peak – at the point where China, India and Pakistan converge.

Please get in touch if you would like further details about organising a K2 trip, a helicopter ride or any other ideas you have.

Kayaking in Afghanistan

In 2014, we were contacted by a group keen to kayak in Afghanistan. After two years of planning, permits and security assessments, we arranged the logistics for a private kayaking trip in Afghanistan, the first of its kind in the Panjshir region. You can view photos of this pioneering trip on our Facebook page.

The four friends, who have kayaked throughout northern Europe, India and Pakistan, agreed that the Panjshir river was as good as anywhere else in the world when it comes to white water. They even gave a kayaking workshop to the local football team.

Extreme Travellers International Conference

We have twice been asked by the ETIC to assist in arranging their conferences. A meeting of some of the world’s most travelled people. In 2017, we arranged the conference in Mogadishu with an add-on to Puntland. In 2018, we arranged for the conference in Baghdad with an add-on to Karbala, Najaf and Ur.

Ancestry Search in Dagestan

Mennonite Historian magazineWe guided a woman searching for any trace of her family, who were Mennnonites living in Dagestan at the turn of the 19th century. Our research landed us a cover story in Menonite Historian magazine.

Click here to see the full article.

Central African Republic, Iran, Turkmenistan


Some regions and cities are not listed on our fixed date itineraries, but we guide private trips there regularly. Contact us for suggested itineraries.