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Afghan Ski Challenge
10 Days

Afghan Ski Challenge

This package offers travel and entrance to the 10th annual Afghan Ski Challenge. A ski touring event in the Koh e Baba Mountains north of Bamian, Afghanistan.

Runner at Somaliland Marathon 2019
5 Days

Somaliland Marathon

This package offers travel and entrance to the Somaliland Marathon, which takes place in Hargeisa, Somaliland’s capital. Contact us for the dates and full itinerary of the 2020 package.

Masmak Fort Riyadh
4 days

Riyadh Marathon

This package offers travel and entrance to the Riyadh marathon in Saudi Arabia. If you want to extend your trip in Saudi, check out our Empty Quarter add-on.

Madain Saleh, Saudi Arabia
9 Days

Saudi Arabia

Explore the history and culture of Saudi Arabia with experienced guides, taking in the sights and sounds of Jeddah, Abha, Riyadh and Al Ula. Witness ancient architecture, museums, local arts…

14 Days

Trekking Turkmenistan

Often referred to as the ‘North Korea of Central Asia’ and being at the crossroads of various civilisations for centuries, Turkmenistan has a multitude of historical, cultural and natural sites…

Popular Tours

Our collection of the most popular adventures.

Tigray Ethiopia

    Horn of Africa


    Explore the wilder parts of Ethiopia plus Somaliland. You will visit the hottest inhabited place on earth, climb up to remote rock churches, and feed the wild hyenas of Harar.

    from US$3,275
    Trekking Tajikistan: Pamir Mountain Lakes

      Trekking Tajikistan: Pamir Mountain Lakes


      We will be traversing through the heart of the mountain range. Along the way, we will stay in the homes of the Pamiri natives, camp near centuries old caravanserais and explore the shores of shimmering blue Alpine lakes.

      from US$2,550

        Trek The Wakhan


        A 22-day journey to visit the land of one of the world’s last and least visited nomadic cultures: the Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir. We will begin and end in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe before travelling along the dramatic Pamir Highway…

        from US$4,300
        Man with bird cages Kabul Afghanistan

          Melons & Grapes Grand Afghan Tour


          Each autumn we run a trip to Afghanistan and we think it's the perfect time to visit, and all because of the fruit. How can land that appears to be made entirely of bare rock produce melons as large as…

          from US$4,450
          Marathon of Afghanistan

            Marathon of Afghanistan

            Cultural, Marathons

            This package offers travel and entrance to the 6th edition of the Marathon of Afghanistan – the only international marathon in the country.  Please contact us for the exact dates of the package.

            from US$2,350
            Iraq - Arch of Ctesaphon

              Iraq – Cradle of Civilisation


              The trip begins in Baghdad and visits ancient Sumerian and Babylonian sites, as well as medieval souks, UNESCO-recognised minarets, Shia Islam’s two holiest sites, and a boat trip on the Shatt al-Arab.

              from US$3,600

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