Clara – Portugal – January/February 2024

Booked on our group trip to the Yemeni island of Socotra 

I recently traveled to Socotra with my daughter, joining a small group with Untamed Borders. Besides the extreme and unbelievable beauty of the island – one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places we’ve ever been – we also experienced the kindness and hospitality of the people. We were thrilled by the perfect organization, a very experienced international guide,  a great local team, as well an awesome small group of fellow travelers. It all contributed to the amazing experience. One additional remark – there was a focus & concern on safety, that was important for me while travelling with my daughter. I fully recommend Untamed Borders and can’t wait for another great experience with them.


Gerry – Autumn 2023

Booked on our group trip to the Horn of Africa

I made a trip to Djibouti and Somaliland with Untamed Borders in October-November, 2023. The trip was much better than I had anticipated, largely because of the fast pre- and during-trip communications with the company, and very good value destinations, attractions, accommodation and the guides the company arranged. The company was flexible, helpful, explained things clearly, didn’t over-promise, and was professional at all times. When an unavoidable major adjustment in the itinerary had to be made, because of weather conditions, Untamed Borders came up with an alternative, that actually worked to my advantage at no extra cost. I was very satisfied with the company and would not hesitate to recommend it.


Karin – Switzerland – Spring/Summer 2023

Booked private trips to Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Somalia and Libya, which included scuba dive excursions and cultural tours in all destinations

Unlike many other adventure travel companies, who are content to sell you a spot on a group tour and maybe an additional night or two in a hotel, but don’t want to spend the time helping guests with their hobbies/passions, Untamed Borders is different. Every sales associate seems keen to help tap up their contacts, to help me achieve the aim of diving. Even if that takes more time than Untamed Borders will be remunerated for.  The company is passionate about its destinations and seem to enjoy the challenge of helping me dive in these types of destinations, almost as much as I do. In addition, Untamed Borders has good guides who ensure safety and can help translate not just the language but the culture.


Dan & family – UK – Spring 2023

Booked a private trip to Uzbekistan for him and his 2 kids

Untamed Borders arranged a two week trip for me and my kids (11 and 14) to Uzbekistan in March/April 2023. I wanted to give the kids a taste of adventure and travel in somewhere a bit less visited – and the trip met all of our expectations and more. From camel trekking and staying in yurts, camping in the mountains and hiking up a 2000m peak, to walking tours around cities on the historic Silk Road, a homestay with a local family and an overnight train, we all had an amazing time. Nothing was too much trouble for the brilliant local guides and drivers who were all very flexible to help ensure the activities were appropriately tailored to suit the kids… an adventure we will never forget!


Sophie – UK 2022

Joined our Virtual Tour to Afgahnistan

A huge thanks to Fatima, the chat at the end where Fatima revealed so much more of her incredible spirit and wisdom, was both moving and somehow almost chastening (what grace in the face of such opposition).
I’d love to join another virtual tour led by Fatima in other regions of Afghanistan.
A super evening. Thank you Fatima!


David – New Zealand 2022

Booked a private trip to South Sudan

Untamed Borders organised a four-day bespoke stopover in South Sudan, the main focus being a two-night stopover alongside the Mandari Campsite, where the lifestyle has not changed for generations. The Mandari people are famous for their large white cattle with large/sometimes massive horns, which are their equity and dowry. There are no facilities, no fresh water, hence the use of cattle urine and dried dung.

Thanks to Untamed Borders for organising this detour, one of the highlights of the 100 countries I have visited, and for their assistance for the visa and the updates re Covid requirements. Thoroughly recommended for the ‘adventurist’.

Mette – Denmark 2022

Booked a private trip to Iran

I travelled with my two daughters on a round trip to Iran. We are quite experienced travellers. Still I was not quite sure what to expect as we were three women.

Iran was both used to travellers and at the same time challenging as a female traveller. It was rich in culture and history, and at the same time complicated to travel in if you had to figure out the rules for niqab or how to exchange money or get a sim card.

I have used Untamed Borders before and know they are extremely good for arranging trips to challenging countries. This time I asked for a round-trip private tour with as many experiences and highlights as possible, a female guide and getting close to the culture. Of course, at a price that was possible for me as a single mother of three.

Untamed Borders did exactly this. We had one guide in Tehran and one for the road trip in Shiraz and Isfahan.

Both guides were so sweet and professional. Untamed Borders always has the best network of local partners. Our female guide for the road trip was so special for my daughters and I to get to know. We genuinely liked her and getting to know her was the single most interesting part of the entire trip.

Hugh – USA 2021

Booked a private trip to Afghanistan and Yemen

I just returned from an 8 day private tour to Yemen and Afghanistan. Untamed Borders did an excellent job of organising the trip, which included a guide, driver, hotels and breakfast for a very reasonable price. Not surprisingly, there is some absence of luxury and comfort in visiting countries like this. But, the accommodations were clean and quite adequate, the meals were good but not always available with great variety, the vehicles were up to the task, and the guide and driver in each country were quite good. The topography of central Yemen (the focus of the trip) is stunning – massive uplifts and deep canyons similar to SE Utah in the US. The cities were busy and congested, but interesting. The guides in both countries were quite sensitive to the local security conditions. I never got close to wartime conditions and felt secure. I like Untamed Borders and will use them again for some future trips to countries that most travel agencies won’t touch. They’re very good at their job.

Mette – Denmark 2021

Booked a private trip to Sudan, South Sudan and C.A.R

As an adventurous and frequent traveller, I joined a bespoke tour created by Untamed Borders for a small group of well travelled acquaintances.

Untamed Borders made the best program for the three countries, three days in Sudan, felt like an entire week’s work worth of experience. They ensure good local partners, very reasonable advice on security and a feeling of being safe.

Wendy – Germany 2020

Booked a private trip to Mogadishu.

Wendy Arbeit TestimonialThank you for such a fantastic tour. The whole time I felt safe and looked after, and the trip was full of special moments (first time eating camel meat, socialising with many locals, and even meeting the artist working at the recently-restored Stone Throwers Monument who gave me his maquette of the statue).

I truly appreciate your help putting together such an amazing experience, and I won’t hesitate to travel with Untamed Borders in the future!

Ben – Canada 2020

Booked a private trip to Afghanistan.

Ben Mignardi TestimonialI had the pleasure of visiting Afghanistan in December for the second time in 15 months.  I spent just under 5 days in total in Kabul and Herat.

Like my first trip, I used the services of Untamed Borders (“UTB”) on this trip.  Once again, I was very happy with their services.  Among other things, I was pleased to see that UTB was prepared and willing to come up with an itinerary, on short notice, that worked with my schedule. Email communications were clear, prompt and effective.

Probably most important about my experience with UTB, is their guides.  This was my second time visiting Afghanistan with UTB. The guides are very professional, respectful and was keenly interested in making sure I had another enjoyable experience.  They are knowledgeable about their country and proud of their culture. Quite honestly, I enjoyed both visits to Afghanistan tremendously.

I highly recommend Untamed Borders. Their service is consistent, thorough and streamlined.

Elke – Germany 2019

Joined Melons & Grapes trip to Afghanistan.

Untamed Borders guest - ElkeI was dreaming of going to Afghanistan for 18 years. As a former art historian and passionate traveller I had to come here. But due to safety reasons I was waiting for the „right“ time. Well, in the end only you know when is the right time despite danger. I heard of Untamed Borders trough a German TV journalist who travelled with them to Somalia and Afghanistan and did a documentary about it called “Uncovered”. Since that time I followed Untamed Borders on Social Media and was convinced to go with them. And it turned out it was one of the best trips of my life. Though I am not much of a group traveller. In fact it was my first group tour, but the group was small and the people like-minded and well-travelled. Our guides were fantastic company and great fun too. I felt safe most oft he time, a little uneasy when stuck in the traffic in Kabul but our driver distracted me easily with his effort to learn English. Our guide in Bamiyan and Band-E-Amir had such a tender way of speaking about his country, it warmed my heart. Thank you Untamed Borders for this unforgettable trip.

Ben – UK 2019

Joined our trip to compete in the Somaliland Marathon. Somaliland Marathon 2019

I really enjoy running and travelling so try to combine the two whenever I can. When I saw that Untamed Borders were involved in a marathon in Somaliland I thought it would be a great opportunity to run in a place that has interested me for a long time. I spent five days in Somaliland and every day was full of unique experiences highlighting many different aspects of Somali culture. James and Mohammed were amazing guides and made me feel really comfortable the entire time we were there. The run was a blast and the atmosphere rivalled some of the larger runs I have done in the UK. The logistics of organising a running event in a country that essentially does not exist must have huge logistical challenges but the marathon was extremely well organised and went off without a hitch. Meeting local runners and spectators was one of the highlights of the trip. I had such a great time that since returning I have been in contact with Untamed Boarders to discuss looking at future trips to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Marcus – Germany 2019

Visited Syria 2019, Afghanistan 2016, Chechnya and Russia’s Deep South 2015, Mogadishu 2015

Marcus_Syria Mosque_UntamedBordersI have just returned from my fourth tour with Untamed Borders. 2015 I have travelled to Mogadishu and the Caucasus (Chechnya, South Ossetia), 2016 to Afghanistan (Herat, Kabul, Panjshir) and 2019 to Syria (Damascus and Aleppo). I have been in very different parts of the world with Untamed Borders, but the tours have always the same high standard of quality and have been excellent. The destinations are fascinating and I have always felt to be in good hands. The tours are well prepared and the guides have been outstanding – nice guys and interesting people, attentive and providing a deep insight and understanding of the places visited.

Lucinda – UK 2018/19

Visited Afghanistan & Pakistan

Untamed Borders guest in AfghanistanI’ve recently returned from an excellent tour with Kausar. Afghanistan & Pakistan have long been on my travel list but I was warned by many of safety concerns…I needn’t have worried because Kausar & Untamed Borders took safety very seriously and I felt extremely well looked after during all parts of my trip. They thought of everything & I was grateful for the attention to detail – this was especially important as a solo female traveller. There is nothing that isn’t possible when travelling with Kausar & he really does know his stuff (history, best places to eat etc). We spent several days in Kabul, visited the Hindu Kush & went ski touring in Bayman. I then spent some time in Lahore which was architecturally beautiful. The experience was every bit as raw & authentic as I’d hoped for and I’d encourage anyone thinking of considering visiting the region to book immediately! I’ve travelled many corners of the globe & this was a definite stand out. Thank you thank you!

Mel – UK 2018

Visited Afghanistan

Mel and friends in AfghanistanI had planned to go to Afghanistan for a long time, as it is part of my quest to visit every country in the world (it was no. 189 out of my target of 197), but I had put it off for many years due to security concerns.   Many of my trusted friends had recommended Untamed Borders, and I finally decided to go despite the security situation.  Now, I wish I had gone sooner.  I had an amazing time, and our guide was hands down the best guide I have ever met!  His knowledge of the region was outstanding.  But more fabulous was he knew every person who had the key to interesting things we wouldn’t have seen as normal tourists, and interesting folk to meet down side streets, and the great ice cream shop to hang out in.  I was travelling with my husband, who is a tad less adventurous than I, and an old friend of mine.  None of us felt unsafe at any time, as Kausar and the team had gone to great lengths to keep us low profile and safe.  There was an incident in Kabul when we were there with an attack on the ministry, and we weren’t worried then either as Kausar knew exactly what was going on and where we needed to be.

Dan – Australia 2018

Visited Afghanistan on our Spring trip.

Photo by Dan SwanWhat can I say? From James’ very first email informing me of this spring adventure, right through to the moment I shook hands and bid farewell to Kausar, this trip will be seared into my mind for many years to come.

I cannot quantify what I’ve seen and learned. Kausar is a passionate man and his love for his country permeated into the conversations in the car and his insight provided me with a true ‘inside feel’ into the different lives of people across the cities we visited.

(The photo above is one of many beautiful shots Dan took in Afghanistan – the full album can be seen here.)

Jacob – Denmark 2018

Visited Mogadishu

Jacob - Mogadishu

I had a really interesting time in Mogadishu and got to see a lot of interesting spots.
I had a fantastic and lucky experience as during my visit, my guides managed to set up a meeting with local veterinary students at the university (I work as a vet myself).
I got to speak to them about my experiences as a vet and give a motivational talk about studies and work which really added to my overall experience in Mogadishu.