How to get a Syrian visa

Untamed Borders organises regular group tours to Syria and are able to offer private Syrian trips as well.

To help you understand the Syrian visa process, we’ve put this “how to get a Syrian visa” guide to help you along your way….

Which countries have visa free travel to Syria?

  • Citizens from a number of countries can get visa free travel to Syria – including the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Algeria, Oman, Mauritania and Qatar.

Which countries are eligible for a Syrian visa?

  • Most other nationalities are eligible for a Syrian visa – including the likes of UK citizens, people from EU nations, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Can US citizens get a Syrian visa?

  • Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War it has been very difficult for US citizens to get a Syrian visa. However, the government has recently begun granting Syrian visas again for Americans more readily.
  • The streamlined process is still in its infancy and there can be delays in visas being granted – usually around 1 month.
  • Untamed Borders has successfully taken US citizens on trips to Syria since the Spring of 2023.

Can you visit Syria with an Israeli stamp?

  • Anyone who has an Israeli entry or exit stamp on their passport won’t be allowed to enter Syria.

What is the pre-travel Syrian visa process like?

  • Any foreign national travelling to Syria, who requires a visa, needs to have pre-authorised security clearance from the Syrian Ministry of Tourism – this is completed via an online process for most nations, but has to be organised through an established tour agency.
  • You have to provide a photographic copy of your passport, some other personal details, along with stating your occupation.
  • It will involve a visa fee being paid at the border, depending on which method of application you went for.

How much does a Syrian visa cost for people travelling on a group trip?

  • The price of a Syrian visa differs depending on your nationality and in our experience the visas can fluctuate in price.
  • Generally an EU citizen will pay around $50-$100 for a Syrian visa.
  • UK – $140
  • Australian & New Zealand citizens – $130
  • US – $160

How long does it take to get Syrian security clearance?

  • The time it takes to get a Syrian visa can also fluctuate. For most eligible nationalities it takes around 2 weeks, however, there are longer delays for US citizens.
  • It takes around 1 month for a US citizen to get a Syrian visa approved.
  • Without the government approved security clearance, you can’t travel to Syria.


How long does a Syrian tourist visa last?

  • If granted a Syrian visa foreign nations are allowed to stay for 15 days.
  • If you want to stay longer than 15 days, you must inform the Syrian authorities to seek permission to extend or you can face financial penalties.
  • Extension permission can differ depending on person and nationality and often isn’t granted.

Untamed Borders currently has two scheduled group trips to Syria:

  • September 2023
  • April 2024

You can find the full itinerary and booking details here.

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